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Monday, 31 July 2017

Increase the Host Client Session timeout in vSphere 6.5

Have you observed in vSphere 6.5 Host Client Session gets timeout after certain minutes of inactivity? I faced this recently when i was demonstrating some options of Host Client to the client, suddenly due to some minutes of inactivity session get logged out and i was in the middle of something & that gets interrupted too. Now how this session timeout value can be increased? Lets discuss here:-

1. Login in to Host Client. (https://ESXiFQDN/ui)
2. Select Manage > System Tab > Advanced Settings > Search for > UserVars.HostClient.SessionTimeout
3. Select this Value and Click on Edit button

4. Type the new value and click on save.

Default Value is 900 Seconds
Maximum Value that you can set is 7200 Seconds

5. Once this configuration is completed, Reboot your ESXi Host

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