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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Auto Import vSphere VMs in vCloud Director 8.20

VMware Introduced cool new and exciting feature in vCloud Director 8.20. This features gives you the ability to import your vSphere VMs easily in vCloud Director Management Area. For this you have to Just move your VM to appropriate resource pool (this gets created automatically for Org vDC whenever Org vDC is created from vCD) and vm folder as per your Organization vDC setting. How to enable auto import feature in vCD? Follow the steps shared below:-

1. Log in to vCD System Admin Portal with System Admin User Credential > Administration Tab > General >. Select the Option "VM Discovery Enabled". However this is enabled by default.

2. From vSphere Web Client Just Move your VM in to Resource Created by vCD for Organization vDC

3. From vSphere Web Client Just Move your VM to Folder by vCD for Organization vDC

4. Once this is done Connect your VM to Right Org vDC Network From VM Properties in vSphere Web Client.

5. Once this is done after few seconds your VM will be listed in vCloud Director Portal under newly created vApp (this vApp get created automatically) and in vSphere Web Client automatically new folder will be created with the name "Discovered xxxxxxx". Here xxxxxxx is your VM name. As you see in the previous screenshot.

If you want to delete the VM. You can simply delete the VM from vSphere Web Client and it will be deleted immediately from vCD portal too. You can delete the VM from vCD portal too. Best way to delete the VM is delete it by using vCD portal.

For more info refer:-

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