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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Impact of Prioritizing Entitlements in VMware vRA 7

If multiple entitlements exist for the same business group, you can prioritize the entitlements so that when a service catalog user makes a request, the entitlement and associated approval policy are processed in the specified order.

Task Briefing
If you configure an approval policy for a user group, and you want a group member to have a unique policy for one or more of the services, catalog items, or actions, prioritize the member entitlement before the group entitlement. When the member requests an item in the service catalog, the approval policy that is applied is based on the priority order of the entitlements for the business group. The first time that the member's name is found, either as part of a custom user group or as an individual user, that is the applied approval policy.

For example, you create two entitlements for the same catalog item so that you can apply one approval policy for the accounting user group and a different approval policy for User 1, a member of that group.

Scenario Briefing 

 Scenario's Result
How to Prioritize Entitlements
1. Login as Tenant Administrator or Catalog Administrator Role User
2. Administration Tab
3. Catalog Management
4. Entitlements
5. Click On Prioritize Icon
6. Select a Business Group from Drop-down list
7. Drag an Entitlement Up or Down to change the priority order
8. Click on Update and Close Button

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