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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

How to check the Service Request Approval or Rejection Justification in VMware vRA 7?

 In vRA, one can set up the approval policy with conditions. For an example, i want if somebody is going to request the VM from self-service portal with more than 1 vCPU. That request should be approved by the approver. Whenever approver approves or rejects the request they have to give the justification, I as an end user wants to know what is the Justification of approval or rejection. Now the question to how to know this Justification as an end user. Lets have a look to know how to check this:-

1. Login as an End User in vRA Self Service Portal.
2. Request the Service. If approval policy is linked with the Service then Under request tab, request status would be "Pending Approval".
3. Then Approver will Check the request and Approve or Reject it with Justification. Lets assume Approver Rejected the Request.
4. As an End User when you will check the request status Under Request Tab. You will get status "Rejected". Click on the Request Number.

5. Now Click on Rejected Link Under Approval status. Here Under Justification Column you can check the Justification.

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