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Saturday, 12 August 2017

VMware SRM 6.5 - What's New?

 In VMware SRM 6.5 number of cool new features are added. These are the enhancements in SRM 6.5:-
1. Compatibility with vSphere 6.5
2. Compatibility with vSAN 6.5
3. SRMs and vVOLs Interoperatibility
4. 5 Minutes RPO with VMware Native Replication with any compatible storage (Earlier it was possible with vSAN only)
6. vROPS SRM Management Pack.
7. Full Integration with vCenter 6.5 HA
8. Full support for Windows vCenter to vCSA Migration
9. SPPG Support for Encrypted VMs
10. Two factor authentication support with SRM 6.5 Integration with vSphere Guest Operations API
11. Scripted Install/Upgrade

For More Info on these features refer:-!/site-recovery-manager-3/srm-6-5-technical-overview

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