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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Cannot install Fault Domain Manager agent for VMware HA after agent is uninstalled (2006034)


This issue occurs when the uninstall script does not remove the package properly when it is run from the /opt/vmware/uninstallers/ directory. When HA is disabled from vCenter Server, the script is copied to /tmp and is run from there.


To work around the issue, remove the FDM agent:

Caution: It is best practice to disable HA on the cluster before removing the FDM agent.
  1. Run this command to verify that the FDM package is still installed on the ESXi host:

    esxcli software vib list |grep vmware-fdm
  2. If the FDM package is still installed, remove it with the command:

    esxcli software vib remove -n vmware-fdm
  3. The removal process may take a few seconds. When the process is finished, run this command to ensure that the package has been removed:

    esxcli software vib list |grep vmware-fdm

    When you have confirmed that the package has been removed, re-install the FDM agent by either reconfiguring the ESXi host for HA or re-enabling HA on the cluster.