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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Failed to Power On the VM?

Possible Cause: Virtual Machine File Locked
One of the virtual machine’s files, for example, the virtual machine’s disk file, is locked. you can get the error message like this

Now how we can verify where it is locked and kill that process:-
1. Check what are the VM's those are running on the ESXi Host so the command is:-
esxcli vm process list

2. Check what are the files of thisVM is locked:-
lsof | grep <VM name>
3. Check which ESXi is Locking that VM
vmkfstools -D <VM -Flat.vmdk file name>

4. Verify ESXi Host MAC address is this from each ESXi host DCUI:-

5. Now connect with that ESXi Host Shell and kill the VM Process:-
kill <vmx process id>

To Kill this Process by World ID
esxcli vm process kill -w <world ID>  -t <type>
esxcli vm process kill -w 63911   -t force


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