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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Can't take the quiesec Snapshot of a VM?

What are the reasons due to that we can't take the Quiesec Snapshots of a VM?
A virtual machine generating heavy I/O workload might encounter issues when quiescing prior to a snapshot operation.
Quiescing can be done by using the following technologies:

    • Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
    • The VMware® Tools™ SYNC driver
So One of the reason is VSS in Virtual Machine Guest OS let's see if this VSS is disable in guest os which error message appears

1. I tried to take the the quiesec snapshot of an VM

2. Then i received this error message
3. Then i checked this VM guest os and tried to find out the cause and the issue was VSS was not running and then i started this service and tried to take the snapshot of the VM and now i can take the quiesec snapshots of this VM.

Finally Issue is Resolved!!!!!