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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Migrating a VMkernel interface used for the management network between standard vSwitches (2037654)


This article provides steps to migrate the VMkernel interface that is used for management traffic between standard vSwitches.


Note: As a best practice before migrating a VMkernel interface, it is recommended to disable HA (or host monitoring under HA) to prevent HA/FDM from restarting virtual machines.

You can migrate the VMkernel interface between two standard virtual switches or more using these methods via either the GUI or the console/KVM.

Using the GUI

To migrate the VMkernel interface using the GUI:
  1. Create a new  temporary VMkernel interface on the vSwitch.

    1. Enable the interface for management traffic.
    2. Assign a unique and available IP address to the interface.
  2. Connect to the host using the vSphere Client, the new IP address, and the root credentials.
  3. Remove the VMkernel interface on the source vSwitch.

    • The host appears as not responding in vCenter Server.
    • The virtual machines remain unaffected.
  4. Add the VMkernel interface configuration that you just removed from source vSwitch to the destination vSwitch.

    The host no longer appears grayed out and not responding in vCenter Server.
  5. Using a vSphere Client connection to vCenter Server, remove the temporary VMkernel interface you created in step 1.

Using Console/KVM

  1. Press Alt+F1 at the console/KVM and log into the command line as root.
  2. Run this command to list the VMkernel interfaces:

    # esxcfg-vmknic -l
  3. Run this command to delete the VMkernel interface that you want to migrate from the port group to which it belongs:

    # esxcfg-vmknic -d Port_Group_Name
  4. Run this command to add the VMkernel port to the destination vSwitch:

    # esxcfg-vswitch –A "Port_Group_Name" vSwitch0

    For example:

    esxcfg-vswitch –A "Management" vSwitch0

    Note: After migrating the management interface, you can re-enable HA.
  5. To add the interface your removed in step 3 to the Port Group you created in step 4, run this command:

    # esxcfg-vmknic -a -i x.x.x.x -n y.y.y.y Port_Group_Name

    For example:

    # esxcfg-vmknic –a -i -n "Management"