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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Create and Use Build Profile (vCAC) -Part10

In this task, you create and use a build profile, which removes machines provisioned from Active Directory (AD) after the machine is destroyed in VMware vCloud® Automation Center™
1. Login with Fabric-admin
Username = fabric-admin@vclass.local
Password = as assigned
Click the Infrastructure tab. > In the left pane, select Blueprints > Build Profiles. > On the upper-right section of the Build Profiles page, click New Build Profile. > In the Name text box, type Remove from AD. > In the Description text box, type This profile removes a machine from AD after the machine is destroyed in vCloud Automation Center. > From the Add from property set drop-down menu, select ActiveDirectoryCleanUpPlugin. > Click Load to the right of the Add from property set drop-down menu. > With the properties loaded into the profile, edit the following properties by clicking the pencil icon next to each property.
> Verify the edit by clicking the greencheck mark next to each property.  > Click OK. > Log in as Tenant-admin@vclass.local > Click the Infrastructure tab. > From the left menu, select Blueprints> Blueprints. > In the list of blueprints, point to the Windows 2003 Custom blueprint and select Edit. > Click the Properties tab. > Select the Remove from AD Build profile. > Click OK.

2. Login with Bg-user
Username = bg-user@vclass.local
Password = as assigned
Click the Catalog tab.> In the list of services, point to the Windows 2003 Custom blueprint and select Request. > On the New Request page, click Submit > Click OK. > On your desktop machine, select Start> Administrative Tools> Active Directory User and
to verify the addition of your virtual machine to the domain.> In the Active Directory Users and Computers window, expand vClass.Local> Computers to verify that your machine was added to the domain.

Click the Items tab. > From the Action drop-down menu for your recently provisioned machine, select Destroy.> In the Destroy dialog box, click Submit and click OK.