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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The VMKPing fault, [ Unknown interface 'vmk3': Invalid argument] - Known Issue in vCNS 5.5

Question:- I am trying to set this up in our test environment. I get the following error when trying to do a 'test connectivity' for VXLAN traffic between two clusters:

In this screenshot is the gateway address

So, somehow the VMK created through the vShield preparation is faulty.

I am using the following builds:

- ESXi 5.5: 1331820

- VC Appliance 5.5: 1312298

- vCNS 5.5: 1317534

Am I missing something?

Answer:- Yes, there is a known bug on the connectivity checker in vCNS 5.5 when executing the test against 5.5 ESX hosts.
From the CLI, you have to specify the netstack to get the proper output. On 5.5 vSphere hosts, VXLAN has a dedicated netstack for the VTEP interface(s).

With netstack specified, it works as expected: