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Monday, 1 June 2015

vApp Network Edge Gateway Services & Org vDC Edge Gateway Services

Most of time everyone is facing difficulty in understanding the vApp Networks Edge Gateway Services like edge gateway is deployed in Isolated vApp Network as well as routed vApp network and in fenced direct connected vApp network. The main difference is services are not same in all these edge devices so make is more clear i took the screenshot of three different types of vApp networks and i hope you will be able to understand it after this. I posted one post for these services long time ago that can be found here:-

1. Routed vApp Network

2. Isolated vApp Network

3. Fenced vApp Network

In vApp Network NAT type can only be IP translation or Port Forwarding

4. Org vDC Edge Gateway Services 
In Org VDC Net NAT type can only be SNAT or DNAT